Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Same-sex couple, kids denied family rate at pool

This place is so behind the times. The whole notion of trying to define what a family is, is just absurd. They're going to go nowhere with that argument.

By the way . . . I recall going to the YMCA in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my roommate and friend Jarred, and getting a family membership. There was no line of questioning about our relationship to each other. We certainly don't look related. They just wanted to know that we lived under the same roof, and who would be responsible for membership dues. Kudos to the YMCA. By any measure, Jarred can be counted as my family more than some of my
actual family members, who happen to live 3,000 miles away.

Note: I'm not ignoring the fact that it was financially advantageous for the two of us to apply as a family (we were, and still are, poor twenty-somethings in NYC). I'm just happy to know that even if Jarred and I were married or had children, that we (1) wouldn't be questioned, and (2) wouldn't be denied.

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