Sunday, June 14, 2009

The roots.

The talk of the town is grassroots campaigns versus the 'big guys'. I think the photo at left demonstrates the impact of grassroots-level action. I'm not referring to the big banner that reads, "Yes we can. No you can't." (I'll get into that discussion later . . .) Rather, I'm focussing on the sign just above that reads, "California, we feel your pain." I think solidarity is good, but only when it leads to further action, especially in one's own community.

The new wave of change happening across the country in localities everywhere is evidence of people feeling inspired to make change in their own surroundings. They see what's [not] possible in one place 3,000 miles away, they look at the rules and regulations affecting their own lives, and they fight for what's right.

(protest photo by Andy Towle at Towleroad)

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