Friday, June 19, 2009

Facebook is. | Choose One

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"Because of its ubiquity among our generation, Facebook plays as important a role in shaping cultural norms and expectations as it does in reflecting them. Facebook has done much to revolutionize the way we present ourselves and communicate with one another, but it could be even more revolutionary if it were to embrace the diversity of its user base."
Often times in discussions about human rights as a way of life with the Executive Director of PDHRE, the word 'choice' comes up. Facebook's current policy allows for users to simply opt out of choosing 'male' or 'female'. While it's great that they recognize the users to might not fall into the gender binary system, it still doesn't make sense to remove the choices all together--that, in and of itself, is not a choice.

If we live in a world that embraces the dignity of every human being, while dismantling patriarchies and vertical systems, we'd all begin to live on the horizontal with more freedom, more choices--allowing us to live and move about freely (in the cabin).

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